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Art for Healing

After spending 3 days as a patient at the University College Hospital in London (UCLH) in 2018, I was impressed at being able to stroll through the on-site gallery as very welcome distraction and part of my recovery. I am grateful for the treatment I received from the NHS staff and I want to support the UCLH arts programme by sharing the escapism of my antarctic experience with my photo exhibition, "Dreaming of Antarctica".

Fragility of a Fantastic World

I fell in love with the Antarctic long before going there in 2013.  I wanted to see the "edge of the world" and witness the pristine beauty of this epic landscape. I took a leap of faith (after signing a health disclaimer) and swam in the cold waters off Deception Island and became an immediate convert to cold water swimming. I learned the Antarctic code of conduct of leaving no human detritus behind. As I watched a humpback whale breach the water, metres away from me, it became so evident to me how easily one dropped glove or piece of plastic would immediately pollute that environment.  I will hold the exhibition in the Street Gallery of UCLH - a space dedicated to art in the context of healing.  Your funding will help set up the exhibition and profits from sales will go to UCLH Arts and the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust, dedicated to conservation in the Antarctic.

Dreaming of Antarctica - Photo Exhibition at UCLH: 18 July to 4 September 2019


VENUE: Street Gallery, UCLH, 235 Euston Road, London NW1 2BU

Open 24 hrs 

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